planificación fiscal

Tax planning is a tool that allows businesses and individuals to optimise their resources and allocate them to new investments or business projects.

We are specialists in evaluating the needs of each client jointly to develop tax optimisation mechanisms in companies, groups of companies or private wealth, always within tax law.

We offer the following services, among others:

– Preparation of tax diagnoses that make it possible comprehensively to analyse the projects and operations that the company undertakes, in order to acquire broad knowledge of its activities and their tax implications.

– Preparation of proposals for consistent and not merely instrumental wealth/business restructuring.

– Study of special tax neutral systems in business and share restructurings, minimising the impact on direct or indirect taxation.

– Study of special systems within the Corporation Tax (FSHCs, Tax consolidation, Leasing of housing, etc.)

– Advice in internationalisation and capital repatriation and/or repatriation processes. Formation of subsidiaries and branches.